Living Healthy

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Your comprehensive wellness program

WellFirst Health believes that with the right tools, information and motivation, you can achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle on your own terms. That’s what the Living Healthy Program is all about.

Wellness Webinars

WellFirst Health offers a series of wellness webinars on a variety of topics. Our YouTube playlist of videos can be viewed anytime.

For plan specific wellness information please visit your plan page:

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We Value Your Privacy

We stand by our promise to keep your information private and secure. WebMD is an industry leader in the privacy and security of electronic health information and communications. The information that you provide WebMD is available only to you and those you authorize. Please read WebMD’s privacy policy within the Living Healthy portal for a full explanation as to how your health information will be handled and disclosed.

WellFirst Health shares secure claims information with WebMD. This data is only shared for the purpose of identifying health coaching opportunities through WebMD Condition Management program.