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Modernize your site for Agents

4 ways to make your agent website more modern and effective

Mar 30, 2020

In the 2000s, having a website for your health insurance business was a great way to separate yourself from your competition. Today, a website is a common place necessity and having an effective website that can generate content and gather leads is essential. Get your website into 2020 with these three tips.

1. Mobile compatibility

In 2019, 52% of all web traffic was via mobile devices1, and this year 50% of all searches across the internet will be voice-based. Smart phone users are engaging with mobile websites while watching TV, commuting and while on their computer. Making your website mobile-friendly is a must to ensure that users who land on your site stay on your site and engage with your content or fill out a lead form. If you’re not focusing on mobile users, you’re missing a large potential client base. There are many website builder and content management services available, like Wordpress and Joomla, where mobile optimization is built in. Even if you are not very tech-savvy, you can make your website mobile-friendly with relative ease.

2. Social media integration

In the United States, 79% of the population has a social media profile2. More than 270 million Americans will be on social media by 20233. This means that you need to have social media integration on your website. Social media integration encourages users to share your content. This is important because you are now tapping into a pool of potential leads. If a current client shares your content, there may be others in their circle looking for insurance as well. People are more inclined to do business with companies their family and friends trust.

3. Quality content

Yes, you sell insurance, but you’re doing yourself a disservice if that is all you are doing. Your expertise lends itself to generating content. No one is more in the know about what is happening in insurance than you. Make sure to share your knowledge. Whether it is best practices, tips or general market advice, the content will keep your clients engaged. They may even subscribe or share your content with others. The key is generating quality content consistently. Your clients want to read about insurance information that will benefit them now or in the future, and you want to be seen as an authority in the marketplace.

4. Effective calls-to-action

An effective call-to-action is critical when you want visitors to perform a specific action, such as submitting a contact form or downloading a guide. If your CTAs aren’t effective, then lead generation will suffer and your site engagement will eventually diminish as well. It is important to have enticing language, a clear CTA button or text and draw the eye. Tell visitors exactly what they should do and the benefit they will get for following your CTA.

Some best practices for a call-to-action page are to make the offer stand out. Many times the CTA button is the same color scheme as the website. This is a mistake. Make the button stand out by choosing another color that stands out, particularly a color opposite of your primary webpage color on the color wheel. If your website’s primary color is blue, use orange for the CTA button.

Another best practice is to make it easy for prospects to sign up or fill out a form. Only ask for needed information. Also, make it one to two steps at the most. The more hoops a prospect has to jump through, the more friction it creates. If prospects feel friction, they are more likely to leave your site without completing the intended action.

Last, less is more. Only have one call-to-action and don’t overrun the page with text. Make sure there is ample white space. The more choices we have as humans the more indecision takes place. It is easier to choose between chocolate or vanilla than it is to choose from 31 different flavors.

In this unprecedented time in the U.S., consumers are surfing the web and social media at a historic pace. Amazon is adding 100,000 jobs to keep up with the large volume of orders. Now is the time to make sure your website is up-to-date. Start creating content that users need and want to share. Make sure your site looks great and is functional on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Last, make your call-to-action undeniable and easy to complete. Lay the groundwork and reap the rewards of a well-build, modern web presence.

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